Everything about CCL’s Family Fun Day

In honor of Humanae Vitae’s 5oth anniversary, we’re hosting a somewhat…unconventional convention.

Sure, it’s got all the elements of conventions you love — inspirational talks, engaging workshops, even a swag bag of freebies — but perhaps what makes our conference stand out from the rest is the part where we kick you out.

…well, we don’t force you to leave, but we strongly encourage it.

It’s all part of our Family Fun Day (a name which may sound a bit ominous to angsty teenagers), and we literally scheduled time for you to go out and explore Cincinnati as a family.

Since this sort of thing isn’t exactly standard, here are some answers to the biggest questions about the unique activity:

Wait, you want us to leave?

Yeah, but only for a little while. Go make some memories, then regroup at the convention center for a family concert by Chris Muglia. It’ll be great!

How long does Family Fun Day last? 

You’ll be released at about 12:30 p.m. and we want to see you back before Chris Muglia’s family concert at 7:00 p.m.


We’ve got you covered. If you purchased a meal plan, a boxed lunch will be available for pickup before you leave. Make a picnic part of the fun! There are countless wonderful parks around Cincinnati, and many are close to main tourist attractions. For dinner there are lots of unique restaurants that are as good a way to wrap up an evening of exploration as any!

This sounds great, except our car is in another state. 

Family Fun Day is something of a multi-purpose event. It’s great for bonding with your own family, but who’s to say you can’t bond with another? Carpooling is strongly encouraged, or calling an Uber can’t hurt, either. Couple up your tribes to explore the Queen City with a new set of faces. Your kids (and the other set of parents) will thank you.

I’m from Cincinnati, though.

Play host and show another family around! What’s your favorite place to spend a summer day? What hidden gems can you show the out-of-towners so they get the local experience? And don’t be so sure you’ve got the city figured out. There are plenty of places that you’d be surprised to discover.

I picked a certain location at registration, but we want to change our minds.

No problem! The point of selecting a location at registration was to allow you to be prepared if, say, you need swim suits for the water park. You’re welcome to go anywhere you’d like. The city is your oyster. (Whatever that’s supposed to mean…)

Can I go somewhere that’s not listed for Family Fun Day on the convention website? 

Of course. The listed locations are some of the most popular family destinations in the city, and some even offer discounts to our conference attendees. You’re welcome to go wherever you’d like to make memories with your family. Here’s a list of other ideas.

Do I have to go?

No, you don’t have to, but we think you’ll want to. If not, we’ll provide some low-key entertainment back at the convention center for those who stick around.

Should we be back by a certain time?

Chris Muglia will be putting on a fantastic family concert for us at 7:00 p.m., and we hope certainly he doesn’t play to an empty room. He’s even bringing four friends up from Nashville for his band mates. Please come!!

I still haven’t registered for the convention.

What?! It’s not too late, but you’ll need to register ASAP since the deadline is June 29 at 11:59pm. Click here to register. If you’re a CCL Volunteer, be sure to register for our special Volunteer Enrichment Day, which ends in a special dinner to thank you for all you do!

I’m still not convinced. Besides, my question wasn’t addressed here. 

Drop me a line or shoot me an email. I’m available at fhempen@ccli.org or by phone during business hours at (513) 471-2000 x 1051. I’m thrilled about Family Fun Day, and I’ve got the local’s look into the city. Let me help you plan your afternoon!

— CCL Staff Member