10 Reasons to Attend CCL’s Convention

This list could go on forever and ever, but we’ve boiled it down to just the top ten reasons you should head out to Cincinnati for the weekend and celebrate with us.

1) You asked for it, we put it on, now we need you!

Ever since our last one in 2010, it seems like all we ever hear is, “When is there going to be another CCL Conference?” Well now it’s here! This one’s unique because it’s hosted by Central and it’s celebrating a hallmark event for our ministry. Be there!

2) Big reveal of the CCL2025 plan!

We’ve driven ourselves crazy working on a 7-year strategic plan for the last 8 months. It might sound boring, but don’t worry: We’ll only tell you the exciting stuff. And I promise, we’ve got news for you that you won’t want to miss.

3) Get rejuvenated.

Believe us, we know: NFP can be tough. Beyond that there’s the craziness of work, family, the general entropy of our culture… Point is, you need a break, and a long holiday weekend in Cincinnati is just the ticket. You’ll get re-energized about God’s plan for marriage, your own family, and life in general.

4) Connect with other NFP families and support one another.

Billings, Creighton, Sympto-Thermal, Marquette, FEMM, everyone’s welcome! The world can be hostile enough to NFP users and supporters, so it’s important that we band together and encourage one another. Make friends near and far as we celebrate Humanae Vitae!

5) Show the Church how grateful you are for this teaching and the blessings you’ve received from it!

This conference isn’t about academics or philosophy or even theology. It’s way better: celebration! Just being there sends a clear message to the Church that we love Humanae Vitae and we’re grateful for Her defense of the prophetic document. A handful of stragglers at the conference won’t do much. We need people to stand up for Humanae Vitae by showing up!

6) Christopher West, Janet Smith, Damon Owens, and Fr. Nathan Cromley.

Need we say more? Come listen to some of the foremost experts on Theology of the Body, Humanae Vitae, and most importantly, the family! Again, this isn’t academic, so come ready to hear inspirational talks backed with serious expertise.

7) A great balance between individual and family time.

We all know those conferences that—while inspirational and motivating—really leave you feeling more drained than when you arrived. Add in the kids, and we understand that this conference might seem daunting. But we’ve accounted for that! We want you to leave this weekend feeling refreshed and ready to become missionary disciples, so we’ve balanced time for you to spend with and away from any kids you bring along.

8) Explore Cincinnati!

If you’ve never been, Cincinnati is an incredible city. It was recently listed by the New York Times as the #8 place to visit in the entire world, and we can’t help but agree. Plan to spend the Fourth of July in Cincinnati and you’ll already be here for the conference! There’s no shortage of things to do, and we’ve intentionally planned tourism time right into the conference schedule to help encourage you to make wonderful family memories in the Queen City!

9) Show off your tribe at the talent show!

The Family Talent Show is for literally everyone. You don’t have to perform as a family, of course, but it’s a wonderful opportunity to show off that family quirk you all have. Or, encourage your budding pianist or vocalist to try her hand at the stage. Or, if nothing else, use it as an opportunity to finally let someone else clap at your child’s… “talent”… so you don’t have to.

10) Learning opportunities for all ages.

Summer is a challenging time of balancing family time and parental sanity. We get it, so we’ve specifically designed the conference to be the best of both worlds. There’s plenty of family time built in to the schedule, but we’ve also prepared various summer-camp-esque learning tracks for kids of all ages to help them grow and you relax.


So, what are you waiting for? Register now before that busy life catches up to you and you miss out on this one-of-a-kind celebration. Click here to jump straight to registration, or click here to explore some of our excellent plans and then go ahead and sign up!

— Forest Hempen
Marketing and Communications Associate