An Infertility Book for Catholics

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When Angelique and Richard López first began experiencing infertility, Angelique went looking for a Catholic book on the topic but came up short. A few years later, her best friend, Carmen Santamaría, started down the same road. These Miami CCL volunteers decided to pool their research and write the book themselves. The Infertility Companion for Catholics: Spiritual and Practical Support for Couples was published by Ave Maria Press in 2012. The authors, who have both biological and adoptive children, approach infertility as a cross to bear as well as an invitation to spiritual growth. Thought-provoking reflections, such as applying Ignatian discernment to prayer, are woven into practical information and personal witness. Here, the authors weigh in on their experiences.

Why do we need a book about infertility specifically for Catholic couples?

Carmen: My husband and I read many books about infertility, but none of them featured both the Church’s beautiful teachings presented in a succinct and understandable way, plus spiritual and practical support for the journey. We felt this was a need that had to be filled. We wanted others to know what the Church teaches and why. It was very important to us that our book have an imprimatur to assure others that the content is faithful to the Magisterium.

Is this book just for infertile couples?

Angelique: No! If we hadn’t faced infertility or miscarriage personally, chances are, we know someone who has. We can all learn from the Church’s teachings and benefit from being more sensitive to those bearing this cross.

Do you speak on this topic?

Angelique: We have spoken in dioceses and at fertility and family-life conferences around the country, to NFP users and practitioners, couples experiencing infertility, adoptive families, seminarians, family-life ministers, single persons and more, in both English and Spanish. We have also appeared on various TV and radio shows.

What feedback have you received?

Carmen: Infertile couples from around the world have contacted us. Our book was recently translated and published in Poland. After our presentation in Toledo, a woman said thanks to our book, she converted to Catholicism. It was touching, but we know the credit goes to the richness of the Church’s teachings. Recently, a newly ordained priest told us they used our book in seminary. It is great to know priests are being taught about ministering to couples experiencing infertility while also hubling to know that our little book has some part in this!

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