Shorter, Lighter and Pain-free Periods

Fun fact: A natural, healthy period should not be long, heavy or painful.

You read that correctly: five days at most, only moderate flow, with no noticeable cramping. But when you think of having your period, what comes to mind?

If you’re like most women who experience these negative symptoms (along with an array of secondary symptoms, such as thick hair follicles, significant mood swings, and severe acne), you may have been told it’s “just part of being a woman.” But such torture isn’t actually “normal” at all. A healthy period shouldn’t hurt.

Marilyn M. Shannon, author of CCL’s bestseller Fertility, Cycles & Nutrition, put together a new 44-page booklet entitled “Shorter, lighter and pain-free periods” to empower women to be proactive about their cycles. Few women have any idea that their cycle is unhealthy, or that most of the common symptoms associated with poor cycles can be fixed through simple nutrition and self-care.

Using language accessible to all women of menstrual age, Shannon offers an in-depth explanation of how our complex reproductive systems work. She then points to common issues and explains which nutritional deficiencies are probably the root.

Cramping? You’re probably low in vitamin E or essential fatty acids.

Heavy periods? Focus on calcium and B-complex vitamins.

Severe acne? It’s a sign that your body’s progesterone is low, so the high testosterone is causing excess oil production.

The lists go on.

Not only does Shannon’s extensive knowledge of the human body allow her to identify the main nutrients your body may be lacking, but she also provides comprehensive lists of the healthiest ways to find those vitamins without sacrificing your overall health. After all, the female reproductive system essentially functions as a snapshot of general well-being. If something isn’t quite right during your cycle, it’s probably related to a larger health issue that may have been unnoticed.

Shannon also provides warning signs for more serious reproductive disorders, such as endometriosis or poly-cystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and offers suggestions to reduce the painful symptoms while you address the issue with your OB/GYN.

After the booklet’s exclusive and extremely popular premiere at Focus’ SLS18 conference in Chicago, it’s finally available for purchase online. Check it out here, and feel free to poke around at some of the other bestsellers to flesh out your cart. Popular items include Shannon’s fertility book, Your Love Story, and our supportive magazine Family Foundations.

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— CCL Staff Member