Pope Francis: Undervalued Mothers

Pope Francis talks about motherhood so well and so often that we’ve written on it before. Between his love for the Blessed Mother and his admiration for hard-working earthly moms, there’s a lot to cover: like the time he boldly called motherhood an antidote to selfishness, his decision to dedicate his papacy to Mary, and the tips for embracing the vocation of motherhood he gently suggested to mothers worldwide.

Last week, the pope dropped his wisdom on us again, this time calling motherhood “a great treasure,” according to the Catholic News Agency (CNA) and EWTN News.

Pope Francis again repeated the idea that motherhood provides a beautiful testimony to the value of self-sacrifice, this time adding that moms suffer greatly to do so and even admitting that they’re underappreciated by the Church.

According to the National Catholic Register (NCR), the holy see admitted that mothers “are often exploited because of their availability. Not even the Christian community values them properly, despite the eminent example of the Mother of Jesus.”

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Pope Francis’s words are pointed and deserve attention. What can we do in our every day lives to honor our mothers more intentionally, thanking them for the endless sacrifices they’ve made on our behalf? At the beginning of this new year, let’s resolve to hold them up in prayer and shower them with the love they’ve tirelessly given to us.

— CCL Staff Member