Infertility in Advent

Infertility is one of the worst pains that can befall a couple. And for those couples struggling to conceive, Advent — an entire season dedicated to the hopeful anticipation of a long-awaited birth — only highlights the aching they live every day.

To all those couples reading this: we see you.

Advice is probably not something you want — you’ve gotten quite enough of that. Instead, we want to offer companionship. Our own, of course, but also that of those couples who have trudged through the holidays feeling isolated in the midst of such merriment. We want to connect you to other mothers whose children are in Heaven and to spiritual mothers who long to be mothers biologically.

Advent may be painful, but it can still be good and meaningful.

Here are a few blogs to get you started: to remind you that you are loved, you are heard, and you are not alone.

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— CCL Staff Member