Your Glamorous Period

It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve been through it; the roller coaster of emotions, swinging energy levels and changing preferences caused by your period can seem unpredictable. Charting can help reduce some of the surprise and point to you-specific patterns that unfailingly play out each month, but for all the predictability, Aunt Flo’s visits can still seem be…well, unpredictable. Even avid charters can get lost trying to mentally synchronize the mayhem of graphs depicting hormone levels, fertility wheels, and physical symptoms.

Thankfully, Glamour put an end to all that. Check out this video — published nearly a year ago — that succinctly summarizes how all those crazy variables intersect in day-to-day life. Once we know what’s coming, we can better plan around the shifts to work with our bodies, not against them. Glamorous periods, we’re coming for you!

— CCL Staff Member