Motherhood: Strongest Antidote to Selfishness

Pope Francis is the newest pope of the people. For the first time in decades, media reports on the Holy See are trending positive, non-Catholics find him endearing and his own flock reveal a certain admiration for him, lovingly calling him “Papa Frankie.”

While we may have a special place in our hearts for the adorable holy man we call our pope, he has a special place in his own heart for the loveliest people among us: mothers.

From day one of his papacy, Pope Francis nodded to this, consecrating his tenure as bishop of Rome to Our Lady of Fatima, and his holy love affair with Mother Mary is no secret.

Pulling from years of ecclesial wisdom, experience in his own family and the rich tradition of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis takes extra time in his document Amoris Laetitia to offer advice and reassurance to dear moms around the world.

Aleteia summarizes his input well in their article 7 Great tips from Pope Francis to moms. From reassurance in the challenge of raising children to gentle reminders to prioritize their marriages, he provides apt insights into maternal life.

Perhaps the most striking message Francis sends to mothers is not advice, however, but thanks. He thanks them generally for their sacrifices and tireless outpouring of themselves for their children, but more importantly in a special way for being the “strongest antidote to the spread of self-centered individualism.”

By their everyday work — especially their persistence and joy in otherwise mundane tasks —  mothers illustrate for their children a life of authentic love and selfless service. It is their shining example that most powerfully refutes the enticing but ultimately empty “me first” philosophies of modernity.

Christ came not to be served but to serve, and mothers image that mission in a particular way that can only be accomplished though the Holy Spirit and the beauty of the feminine genius.

— CCL Staff Member