NFP at the DMV

Pope Saint John Paul II spoke extensively about the “Springtime of the New Evangelization” and the need for members of the body of Christ to go forth and spread the good news of the gospel. I have taken this as a personal mission of mine ever since my reversion 18 years ago. I told the Lord I would do whatever he asked of me.

My favorite way to evangelize is through every day things. In Maryland and in Colorado I had a personalized plate on one of our cars that read, “NFPWRKS.” When I went to the Kentucky DMV for new plates after our recent move from Colorado, I found out that my 7-letter tag wouldn’t work. Kentucky offers an “In God We Trust” plate and I got an idea.

As you can see, our plates now read: TRY NFP.

The overall message works out pretty well: “In God We Trust: TRY NFP.” Trust really is such an integral part of NFP. God knows what is best for our lives and family, we just need to listen.

You never know the people you may impact by simply passing them on the interstate or parking next to them at the grocery store. Now the lady at the DMV knows all about NFP and CCL’s mission to build joyful marriages through teaching NFP couple to couple!

The US bishops are asking people to step up and become “missionary disciples” to our culture — something I believe CCL has been doing for 47 years. Let’s renew our commitment to promote and share the beauty of NFP both inside and outside the Church.

What can you do? Mention NFP in conversations with friends. Share your Family Foundations magazine with others. Offer resources about responsible parenthood to couples you know. Retweet and share the content we supply on social media. Even consider becoming a teaching couple or a promoter! Whatever method of evangelization may be, get creative and don’t be afraid to reach out to us for help.

— Chris Reynolds
Former Executive Director