Expecting and Nervous? There’s an App for That

Note: CCL is not associated with Life’n Stats and this is not an official endorsement; we just like supporting new moms!

First-time mammas, rejoice! One of the best motherhood apps out there just got even better and now thousands of parents are using it to take the edge off first-time parenthood worries.

Meet MammaBaby.

It’s a feeding and nap log that goes far beyond just logging baby’s meals and snoozes. MammaBaby also complies each log into interactive graphs in real time and provides export and printing options so you can review the information with your family doctor. (Not unlike CycleGoPro, right?)

Beyond logs, MammaBaby allows new moms to track baby’s growth by monitoring weight, height and head size. The results instantly generate an easy-to-read chart so mom knows how baby stacks up to national percentiles, which are constantly updated from MammaBaby’s website.

An alarm function helps users create and stick to their new routines (or to remember things like which side to start nursing on the next time!). The baby tips section contains gentle reminders to help new parents keep up with the hailstorm of infant health information and there’s a milestones tracker to give first-time parents peace of mind about their baby’s development.

The app is easy to use, super accessible and available on both iTunes and Google Play (where it has received fantastic reviews). Best of all it syncs between multiple devices, so even dad or grandma won’t lose track of feedings, naps or a big moment.

Basically, if you’re a list-maker like me, MammaBaby is a gift directly from heaven. You’ll be able to keep track of baby’s progress, provide important information to your doctor, and even get a sense of accomplishment. I just produced and delivered a pint and a half of breast milk to keep my baby alive without lifting a finger? #boss

As nursing becomes second nature and things get back under control, most new moms fall into a rhythm and may not need MammaBaby anymore, while others may choose to continue use to track milestones and baby growth. In the meantime, this app can work wonders to take the edge off some of those worries that plague moms and dads during their first few months with a newborn.

— Forest Hempen
Marketing and Communications Associate