Is your Family an Environmental Hazard?

In the face of recent concerns regarding environmental legislation, articles like “Should We Be Having Kids In The Age Of Climate Change?” have gotten even more attention than ever before.

But what is overpopulation and does it really have the direct correlation to environmental catastrophe that such posts claim? Aleteia published a valuable piece exploring the subject, and it’s worth checking out. To truly dig to the heart of the matter, they turned to the two most reliable sources available: science and Catholic social teaching.

In short, the article makes two excellent points: First, there are serious scientific and historical confounds in the overpopulation-equals-environmental-doom equation; and second, the Church teaches that we are to seek God’s will in all things, both as we plan families and as we care for the earth. The two are not in conflict.

So what does all this mean for NFP families?

Really, nothing changes.

Properly practiced, NFP requires a nod to the will of God, and his will is only ever loving. In other words, following his lead in responsible parenthood naturally leads to what’s best for both family and environment.

— CCL Staff Member