Tinder-like App for Play Dates

There is quite a fascination with apps that connect people to meet based on a quick picture and a swipe left or right (yes, we’re talking about those dating apps like Tinder and Bumble). Make no mistake: We don’t condone the hook-up culture often associated with these apps, but it’s not an entirely bad way to “meet” people without carving out time to go to every social outing. This is why some of those dating apps have created a “friends” feature as a way to find people with similar interests in a non-romantic way.

Now there is an app that is using this contemporary way of finding people to connect moms and arrange playdates for the kids. This article discusses the launch of the app, Peanut, and describes the specifics. However, for those of you not generally familiar with the concept of a dating app, here is how it works: Moms set up a profile that highlight their interests and the ages of their children. When a mom looks for friends, a pool of other moms in her area will pop up and she can choose based on their profile if she wants to connect, by swiping left as a “no thanks” and right as a potential connection. If both parties swipe right, they are able to begin a chat.

This is a particularly intriguing idea for new moms who find themselves constantly looking for support, advice, tips, etc. from other moms in their shoes. You probably see a lot of posts from moms asking for advice on your social media timelines, as I do, such as suggestions on baby food or a good stroller. Peanut has capitalized on it by providing that support while potentially making new friends since these are people you can meet up with in your area if you wish.

With a modern, sleek design and features like the ability to create group chats and adding any plans to meet up straight to your calendar, we think this sounds like a great resource for moms who are not surrounded already by other mom-friends. And with the ability to craft your own profile, you should be able to find friends who share your values or interests (i.e., Catholic, breastfeeding, homeschooling, toddlers, working mom, etc.).

— Megan Imwalle
Former Communications Intern