Every Marriage is Unique

marriage-is-a-profound-part-of-being-humanEvery marriage is unique. The husband and the wife are each unique and their relationship cannot ever be duplicated. While each relationship is one of a kind, however, marriage itself has not been invented by each couple but has been designed by God and has an objective nature. The couple’s marriage will be happy and fruitful if its uniqueness is grounded on this objective nature. An inclination to marriage is built into our humanity. We are designed to be conceived within a marriage between our parents and we develop our potential to be fully human within the loving community of a family. When people mature they naturally are inclined to marry and raise a family of their own, unless perhaps they receive a call to the priesthood or religious life, which always involves in some way service to families.

Marriage is a profound part of being human and marriage belongs to everyone, everywhere. The marriage of two baptized Christians builds upon human nature and opens unforeseen dimensions.

Sacramental marriage enables couples to share not only their human lives but also to share together in divine life. The mundane realities of everyday life are transformed in the light of Christ. Each spouse shares in the sacrifice of Jesus for the sake of the other and both spouses, together with their children, reflect the infinite community of love known as the Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Joyful marriages, open to the blessings that children bring to their parents and strong enough to bring the blessings of irrevocably committed parents to their children, are essential to a healthy society.

Sacramental marriages, on the other hand, are also essential to the mission of the Church, providing a living image of fidelity and fruitful love and modeling the love of Jesus for his Church. Such marriages and such families are a key component of the new evangelization. Married Christian couples are apostles of divine love made visible and tangible in our everyday world.

The book, Your Love Story, does a wonderful job of drawing together the ordinary and the extraordinary, the sacred and the secular, the unity and the fruitfulness, the sacrifice and the transcendent joy of marriage, both on a natural level and also in the grace of God. Priests and deacons will find that it explains key teachings of St. John Paul II, and of the 2,000 year Magisterium of the Church, in appealing and yet profound ways. Engaged couples will be delighted and challenged, fascinated and informed. This book will help couples to write their own love story based on the ultimate story of love, the story of God who is love, who has loved us all the way to the Cross and who blesses our human love and infuses it with divine love.

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