We Give so There is Another Choice

Donors Robert and SarahRobert and Sarah Taylor are both pharmacists and live with their children in DeKalb, Ill.

Why did you learn NFP?

Robert grew up Catholic, and was aware of and very supportive of the Church’s teachings on contraception. I grew up Lutheran, and was not aware of NFP. As we were dating, we talked a lot about our religious backgrounds, and before we got married I decided to join the Catholic Church. During that process, I began to see the beauty of NFP as a part of a marriage relationship. I liked that it is respectful of women and views fertility as something to be cherished, instead of something that needs to be “fixed.” So, as part of our premarital preparation we took an NFP class and have never used contraception.

Why did you decide to make CCL one of the charities you routinely support?

It seems that NFP is rarely talked about.  Even among members of the Catholic Church it seems to be mostly ignored. Yet we feel it is one of the most important and worthwhile decisions a couple can make. It has been such a blessing in our marriage, and by supporting CCL we hope more couples will come to understand these teachings and apply them in their marriages. The culture today seems to tell us that contraception is the only option; therefore, we give monthly to CCL so they can continue to spread the word that there is another choice. Also, with us both being pharmacists and therefore very aware of how birth control works, we see the huge number of people who use contraception. We want to do what we can to combat this epidemic in our culture.

Why should other couples give to CCL?

Because what CCL teaches and promotes is vitally important in our society today.  We can each do a small part in helping to combat this culture of death, and supporting CCL is a great way to do that.

You may not personally need the help of CCL right now, but lots of other couples do. We are here answering questions and providing support every day thanks to the generosity of our donors. Will you join our mission?