Happy Summer!

Back view of jumping girl on the pierThere always seems to be an association between summer and freedom. I’m sure it harkens back to those elementary school days when the final school bell rang and you were off without a care in the world, armed with a swimsuit and a later bedtime. My brother and I often marked it in our pre-teen years by staying up so late watching movies that we were awake to see our dad leave early in the morning for work. (Mom, why on earth did you let us do that?!)

And even if you’re stuck working during the beautiful summer days, you still feel that desire to venture outside a little more, sit on the porch or schedule a vacation to soak up the sun. No matter your age or circumstances, summer has a scent of freedom to it and today marks the beginning of the summer solstice — freedom has officially arrived!

While you’re soaking up those rays of freedom, we remind you of another way to break free — ditch those pills, or patch, or IUD, or condoms that you constantly have to worry about to prevent pregnancy! Trust us, as much as you think you need them, we’re here to tell you you don’t. Natural family planning allows you to track your fertility with nothing but a pen and paper (or an app). After you learn the Sympto-Thermal Method you won’t have to worry about taking the pill at a certain time everyday, go through the painful procedure of getting an IUD, or put up with side effects that have become just a normal part of your life. Our students let us know every day how grateful they are for that:

“I can’t tell you how liberated I felt when I threw away that last pack of pills. It felt like shedding a weight. The pill had been my miracle drug, but in that class I found out that how God had created the body was the true miracle.” – Karina

That feeling of freedom can also extend beyond no longer having to deal with drugs and devices. Many couples practicing NFP feel that a weight has lifted in their relationship and a door has opened for better communication and a more joyful marriage. As many husbands actively participate in charting and interpreting, women feel a relief that family planning is not always on them and it opens a monthly conversation about whether or not it’s the time for a(nother) baby.

Feel the freedom and shed the weight of unhealthy and unnecessary contraceptives and learn more about natural family planning.  Or if you’re already experiencing the freedom personally, pass this along to another couple in your life and help them find it.

— Megan Imwalle
Former Communications Intern