A Great Time for New Beginnings

Happy Easter! Yesterday was a happy time to rejoice and be with family as we celebrated the new life given to us in Christ.

New life and new beginnings are something we are fortunate to witness nearly every day at CCL in the stories of those who have found new life in their marriage and in themselves by practicing natural family planning. Whether it be couples who have previously used contraception, or those who have converted to the Catholic faith, starting fresh and creating new beginnings is something many couples who have learned NFP can attest to.

Ben and Vanessa have expressed this powerful and cleansing new beginning in the witness they share with others when they teach NFP. Read their whole story here.

We started practicing NFP at a point when neither of us were fully comfortable in the Catholic Church. As we learned more about the Church and its teachings, we came to see a truth and beauty we’d never understood before. The Church became our home. I came back into the Church around the time we were married, and Ben became Catholic two years later. We have since welcomed a second child into our family.

As you have reflected on Jesus’ Resurrection, think about resurrecting yourself and your marriage from the binds of contraception and welcome the new life that NFP has brought to so many other couples.

And if you have already experienced a fresh start to your life, marriage or faith through NFP, consider sharing your story with other young couples and helping them create new beginnings by becoming a teaching couple.

— Megan Imwalle
Former Communications Intern