A Different Kind of Valentine’s Day Gift

Valentine’s Day is often either a beloved day to show appreciation to loved ones or despised for its use of commercialism. While yes, it’s a great day to be a florist, a jewelry store or a candy store, we all know buying things for each other does not scratch the surface of what love and marriage are truly about.

So husbands, in addition to the flowers and candy your wife no doubt deserves, we’d love for you to put some thought into a deeper gift for your wife and for your marriage: natural family planning.

Now as strange as it may sound that this method of spacing children can be a gift, hear me out because it is truly more than a method. Couples who use NFP tell us repeatedly that they gain stronger communication and a stronger relationship, often times because the woman does not feel she is simply being used for sex but is truly being respected by her husband through accepting her fully, with no barriers or risks to her health. Check out this incredibly powerful witness in which a husband describes how he is “being her Joseph” by working together with his wife on their family planning, and how much joy that brings her. “Much to my surprise,” he says, “I also learned how grateful my wife was that I was willing to learn how her body worked.”

Another NFP user describes her husband as a chivalrous gentleman in their practice of natural family planning. “In our experience with natural family planning, I can tell you that I feel so respected and well-cared-for by my husband in a very big way,” the wife shares. 

A bonus Valentine’s day tip for you: Both of these witnesses come from an excellent site for Catholic couples called ForYourMarriage.org. Produced by the U.S. bishops, ForYourMarriage contains an abundance of articles and insights into Catholic marriage that any couple could benefit from.

So on this day dedicated to love, be her Joseph, be her gentleman. Learn and practice natural family planning with your beloved wife to fully live the love of your marriage vows.

Search for NFP classes from CCL at http://register.ccli.org/.

— Megan Imwalle
Communications Intern