Avoid the Complications…Try NFP


Ah, we’re into the beloved Christmas lights season. We love looking at them, but the time, effort and frustration that go into digging them out of storage and putting them up don’t make for such a holly jolly time.

The complex web of birth control options and their worrisome side effects is as predictable and here to stay as that forever-intertwined clump of Christmas lights, and just as frustrating. Keeping informed of all of the recalls, studies, side effects, user error issues and the next great “solution” is more than enough to turn up the stress. And with recent events, women are starting to panic about their birth control for another reason. Now we promise we’re not getting political on you, but there are reports of women beginning to scramble to get an IUD, fearing that their access to birth control will soon be more restricted thanks to President-elect Trump’s promise to replace Obamacare.

Family planning doesn’t have to be this stressful, folks! Any women or couples who are struggling with the complexities or hassles of their birth control method should consider learning natural family planning.

NFP lets you take control of your body without having to rely on the menu of items that are currently on the market by giving you the body knowledge it takes to track your fertility yourself. Being able to determine your fertile and infertile times gives you all the power you need to stop relying on methods where so much can be controlled by outside factors.

Your birth control method does not have to be at the mercy of an election, a pharmaceutical company, a lawsuit, a recall or poor side effects. Take control of your body, avoid the complications and try natural family planning, or share this with someone who needs it.  

— Megan Imwalle
Communications Intern