Ryan and Kassie’s Love Story

Real couples really do use NFP, and we asked them to tell us their NFP story. We will be sharing them here on the blog — the good parts and the struggles. Each of these couples is writing their own love story, and have chosen to do so by following God’s plan for marriage.

Here is Ryan and Kassie’s story.

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Was NFP difficult to learn?

No. We started with STM (Sympto-Thermal Method) to conceive and are now using Marquette to space pregnancies. Postpartum is difficult for just about everyone, but every difficulty is worth it.

Has anything surprised you about NFP?

I was surprised to find out that I had low progesterone before I got pregnant with my first. If I hadn’t known that and seen a NaProtechnology doctor about it prior to conceiving, I would most likely have lost my first baby! She is a bright, wonderful 20-month-old now, our Evie!

Was it difficult to transition to NFP from contraception?

No, I enjoy charting! It is difficult to learn as a couple that there are required times of abstinence when you are avoiding pregnancy, whereas with contraception there are not, but that abstinence is another blessing in disguise.

What aspects of contraception are you glad you left behind?

The risks of blood clots, strokes, future infertility and basically running my body on fake hormones instead of letting it function the way it was made to.

What changed your mind about contraception and caused you to choose NFP?

At first, our reasons were to have the best chance of conceiving when we were ready instead of waiting months or years like some friends of ours had. But then we appreciated growing in our faith and realizing that this sort of relationship and the function of my body is absolutely God’s plan for marriage.

What changes have you seen in the dynamics of your relationship since starting NFP?

Communication is so much easier about fertility and where we are in the cycle. We are forced to sacrifice our desires sometimes but we have things to look forward to again, as a couple, every month! Sex doesn’t get plain and in a rut; we don’t have time to get in a rut! :)

Did you and your spouse ever disagree on NFP? How so?

Yes, definitely. My husband was against it and gradually came around, and now is very supportive. True love (sacrifice) works everything out. Communicating my convictions and feelings over and over, and praying for it to work helped a lot.

Has NFP affected your relationship with God? How so?

Yes. It makes me feel (probably wrongly) that I’ve essentially checked off a big box for following God’s plan for my life, and it has opened me up to trusting Him for everything. It reminds me that ultimately we are not in control, and I’m happy that even though we can chart and do everything we can do if we don’t feel it’s time for another baby, we are also not “blocking” God’s will if that’s what He wants. I also have so much more appreciation for the way He designed our bodies than I did before; it’s amazing! Also, using NFP gave me confidence that I could deliver my second baby naturally, which I did.

Does practicing NFP help you better understand the Church’s teaching?

Our relationship is a physical representation of God’s love for us, and His design and purpose for our bodies. You can’t understand the purpose of becoming one flesh and still use artificial contraception.

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