Melissa and Steve’s Love Story

melissa and stevecrop

Real couples really do use NFP, and we asked them to tell us their NFP story. We will be sharing them here on the blog — the good parts and the struggles. Each of these couples is writing their own love story and have chosen to do so by following God’s plan for marriage.

Here is Melissa and Steve’s story. 

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Were you initially skeptical about NFP?

Yes. We were doubtful about the effectiveness of NFP in both achieving and avoiding pregnancy. We also weren’t sure whether it would fit our lifestyle, i.e., whether it would be comfortable, convenient, complicated, etc.

How was your class experience?

We learned through CCL’s Live Online class. We loved the online option because we didn’t have to leave our living room (we didn’t learn until after we were married).

Was NFP difficult to learn?

No; I am a nurse, so I did have some previous knowledge of the female cycle with regards to hormonal changes throughout the month. It also helped that my husband and I were very comfortable communicating about these topics.

Has anything surprised you about using NFP?

Yes. We have both been surprised at how difficult it is to abstain at times during my cycle. Before NFP, we never paid attention to the time during my cycle when my desire was highest. We didn’t realize that it coincides with ovulation!

Who participates in observations, charting and interpreting?

Both of us. I do all of the charting, which I am completely fine with, but my husband can read the chart and interpret it. We talk, pray and discern together.

Was it difficult to transition to NFP after using contraception?

Not really. I had taken the pill for many years and stopped when we were married. We didn’t learn NFP right away because we had a baby. Any challenges we had were because we learned it postpartum.

What aspects of contraception are you glad you left behind?

Having to remember to take it and putting chemicals into my body.

What changed your mind about contraception and caused you to choose NFP?

I began to take my faith more seriously and one day I realized I couldn’ use hormonal birth control any longer. I was living in sin and it was killing me.

What changes have you seen in the dynamics of your relationship since starting NFP?

Our relationship has become so much deeper. We communicate better and our love is stronger than before.

Do you and your spouse ever disagree on NFP? How so? How do you work out those differences?

Nope. We decided to trust NFP completely together. We’ve never looked back!

Has using NFP affected your relationship with God?

Yes, I feel lighter and freer now that I am not living in constant sin.

Does practicing NFP help you better understand the Church’s teaching on contraception?

Yes. Our acts of lovemaking are now completely unitive and procreative, as God intended.

Do you have an NFP love story to share? Contact Ann Gundlach at CCL at 800-745-8252 ext 1033.