Natural Relief for Premenopausal Bleeding

One of the consultants at the CCL office received a thank you call the other day.


Many NFPers call into our central office with special problems and circumstances that their teaching couples, or even doctors, may not be familiar with in the context of NFP and the experts we have here are always happy to help!

In December, our executive director Mike Manhart took a consulting call of a 50-year-old woman who was experiencing excessive bleeding. Her doctor suggested going on birth control, but as an NFP user she was understandably hesitant and sought out other options by calling CCL. Mike gave her a few suggestions to talk to her doctor about including an appointment with a NaPro doctor and some supplements that might help that are laid out in Marilyn Shannon’s book, Fertility, Cycles, and Nutrition. He wanted her to exhaust all of her options to try to find out the cause because going on birth control would likely only mask her symptoms, not fix them.

She sent her husband out the find any of the suggested supplements he could and came back with chlorophyll and flax seed oil. She had been bleeding for 27 days and after taking both supplements for 4 days she had barely any spotting, and within a week it was gone.

In regards to her experience with her doctor as she practices NFP, she said she’s always been very open and understanding about NFP and willing to try the options brought forth, but she just didn’t know much outside of the “modern medicine” suggestions.

When I asked about her experience she said “I was grateful to go the alternative route first and find a solution. ”She gave the advice that the “best thing to do as females is to let our bodies go its normal course and that natural solutions are something worth trying. Working with our bodies is better than working against them.”

This is all we can hope for in those learning and using NFP is to seek out those natural solutions because they can really work and are far better for your body than the harmful side effects birth control can give you. This is why Fertility, Cycles, and Nutrition is such a helpful resource because it contains the natural answers and solutions to your fertility.

Check out Marilyn Shannon’s book Fertility, Cycles, and Nutrition for a complete guide on your natural tips and solutions for all points in your fertility.