NaPro Technology Respects Life

NFP can help to both avoid and achieve pregnancy. Whether this is the first time you’ve heard it or it’s already burned into your brain, it’s a pretty helpful fact! You are learning to identify the most fertile point in your cycle, letting you know the optimal time for you to get pregnant-that’s some pretty powerful knowledge! NFP can and has helped bring to light issues with fertility and there are many solutions at hand that keep a woman’s body natural or treatments that respect the human dignity of life.

Marilyn M. Shannon’s book Fertility, Cycles & Nutrition has helped numerous couples with fertility issues naturally by focusing on how diet and nutrition can affect a woman’s cycles and fertility. You can purchase the book here!

Generally, a next step for couples is to talk to the experts about it. This may lead you down a different path in achieving pregnancy. Check out the image below that highlights two possible paths: the comparisons of IVF and NaPro Technology in regards to cost, effectiveness, and morality.



NaPro Technology diagnoses and treats infertility to achieve pregnancy, instead of skipping straight ahead to implanting embryos artificially. Not only does IVF fail to seek out actually fixing fertility problems, but it holds a certain lack of respect for life as it can freeze, manipulate, or destroy embryos. Also, there are often suggestions of selective reduction, or abortion, if more than two children are conceived. NaPro technology respects the sanctity of life by avoiding these outcomes and resolving to treat problems with fertility.

Bottom line, when trying to achieve pregnancy avoid a path that does not treat a woman’s fertility but covers it up by manipulating precious life. Consider solutions such as NFP and NaPro technology which respect all life.