Great Post Filled with the Truth on Contraception

Texas A&M's St. Mary's ChurchIf you’re like me, I’ll bet you face the difficulty of explaining to non-Catholics — or even Catholics! — what the Church teaches and why. I mean, there is a ton of background there! I grew up in Catholic schools and learned Church teaching, and still, some of it I just find hard to understand. In some situations where I am challenged as to why the Church believes and teaches what it does, the best answer I can come up with is, “Well, just because.”

When I started working at CCL and before I learned more about their mission, I always knew the Church was against contraception — the reason being that it is closed to life. But there is a whole lot more that goes into that explanation that I never knew! Gradually, I am picking up more knowledge, and in my exploration I came across a blog article that gives a great explanation of the Catholic view of contraception.

Aggie Catholic is a part of St. Mary’s Catholic Center through Texas A&M University. They are quite active on campus and have many resources for Catholic students, including the Aggie Catholic blog. This blog article does a great job tackling the Catholic Church’s teaching on contraception and lays out the background that goes into why the Church has remained steadfast in its teaching. It also helps highlight why CCL is committed to teaching couples NFP.

So jump from our blog to theirs and think about bookmarking this page. It provides a brief but thorough rundown on why the Church teaches what it does, so when asked about this we don’t have to just fall back on, “Well, just because.”

— Megan Imwalle
Communications Intern