Children’s Book: Dear Pope Francis

Book for childrenI seriously love this! Last month, Loyola Press and Pope Francis published his first children’s book entitled Dear Pope Francis. Its actually the first childrens book ever published by a pope. Letters for the pope were gathered from children across the globe and 30 were selected to be answered and placed in the book. These questions ranged from fun, silly questions you would expect from a child, to deep and serious questions that many of us may often ponder as adults.

Check out this video that explains the idea and process of creating and publishing the book as it discusses some of the context behind the children’s questions for Pope Francis. It also becomes obvious that parents can benefit from the book as well. The video states, “Often very personal, the topics proved equally applicable for children and adults.”

Do you have any First Communions coming up? This would be an excellent book to buy for your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews or godchildren, especially at those special times in their lives where their faith and religion are an exciting and interesting territory to explore. You just might learn a thing or two as well!

Dear Pope Francis page 60

— Meagan Imwalle
Communications Intern