Refreshing Spot of TOB in Downton Abbey

If you are a Downton Abbey fan, I’m pretty sure you have enjoyed the romance and engagement of Mr. Carson, the butler, and Mrs. Hughes, the housekeeper. But what a sweet little treat it was to watch Mrs. Hughes becoming increasingly nervous about the upcoming nuptials because she wasn’t totally sure what kind of marriage Mr. Carson was expecting. As they are older, she was somewhat hoping they would live as brother and sister. She even enlisted her dear friend the cook, Mrs. Patmore, to ask Mr. Carson about his expectations. To my delight, Mr. Carson gently but firmly states that he wants a “true marriage, not a lie,” and despite her nervousness, Mrs. Hughes is deeply touched.

Robert George of the First Things blog beautifully explains the Theology of the Body truths behind this wonderful exchange. Enjoy!

— Ann Gundlach