Pope Francis’ Talk on Families

PopeFrancis-FestivalofFamiliesSince Pope Francis’ visit to the U.S. in September, he has still left quite a “buzz” throughout the country, and I continue to be amazed at how such a short trip has made such a large impact. His welcoming and friendly demeanor truly encompass everything that is great about the Church, and even secular people and those of other religions respond very positively to him.

One speech in particular he gave that added to some of that buzz was his spontaneous talk on families, which you can watch here (Spanish with English translation) or read here. After listening to the witness of several families, he spoke more on celebrating the beauty and importance of families in our world and how God is present in each of them. And while each family is beautiful and divine, he acknowledged that they do not come without their problems: “We quarrel, sometimes plates can fly, and children bring headaches. I won’t speak about mother-in-laws,” he joked.

But he also brought to light some of the serious difficulties families have that you may be able to relate to while practicing NFP. “[O]ur families are being pulled [in] so many different directions because of society, and we need to reconnect and come back to our important values.”

With this quote, I can’t help but think of the challenges that come with the spotlight society puts on the supposed ease of contraception. But when you think about this and the other challenges your family may face, his words put things back into perspective by pointing out the beauty and love that is in each family. When you come across difficulties, remember that “those difficulties are overcome with love. Hatred is not capable of dealing (with) or overcoming any difficulty. Division of hearts cannot overcome a difficulty; only love can overcome.”

So when you get frustrated with charting, or if your kids are driving you up the wall, remember to Live the Love; persevere with God and he will shine through your marriage and family.

– Megan Imwalle
CCL Communications Intern