Coffee Battling with Your Waking Temperature

Wake up. Take temperature. Make coffee. In that order.

Perhaps this is the beginning of your morning routine since you’ve started practicing NFP. Coffee may be a matter of survival for you. We understand. It seems like Starbucks has succeeded in convincing us to rely on caffeine more and more to get through our daily routines, and sometimes that also includes drinking a cup in the evening as well. You know it might keep you up a little longer but, sometimes it’s worth it. However, for NFP folk, there could be a reason to skip that evening cup.

While we all know caffeine can affect our sleep schedule, this article may give you a reason to skip the p.m. java. It describes studies that show coffee can set back your internal body clock, by close to an hour, because it delays the triggering of the body’s sleep hormone. With your body clock back an hour, a domino effect could impact your waking temperature since the time you wake up and the time your body “wakes up” could be a little off. For some, this could make your charts a little more difficult to interpret.

So, resist the urge and keep caffeine to the daylight hours. Practicing NFP might just be that much easier!