Starting Out, Awkward Much?

PescosolidoWhen you first learned a thing or two about NFP did the word “mucus” make you feel uncomfortable? Did the thought of learning the intimate intricacies of human reproduction in a room with other people make you want to find an NFP DIY book on Amazon ASAP? You’re not alone. CCL recently welcomed new teaching couple Nick and June who struggled with this very situation.

June shared with us: “In my mind, I thought going to a class would be kind of awkward, so we educated ourselves. We read an NFP book that a friend had lent to us and thought we knew everything we needed to know. Christian fellowship had always been so important to us, but somehow we didn’t think we needed it with regards to natural family planning and fertility awareness. We were definitely wrong.”

Due to their lack of knowledge, not only of the method but helpful practical applications such as the husband’s role in practicing NFP, Nick and June struggled. Although they are both open to life, the conception of their second and third child were a surprise. Communication also began to break down in their marriage.

June told us: “Finally, we decided to take a closer look at NFP together as a couple through the Couple to Couple League, and the more we learned, the more our relationship grew.” Another beautiful thing—they overcame the yuck factor. “Knowledge really is power. The best part of learning NFP is, once the things you might think are awkward to discuss are talked about, everything else in the relationship grows. Nothing is held back. Communication opens wide. Our spiritual growth, physical affection, and emotional trust have all seen amazing gains.”

Nick agrees: “We have come a long way since teaming up with the Couple to Couple League. There is absolutely no mystery or fear involved anymore. We are on the same page every step of the way, and it’s truly a beautiful thing.”