CCL Celebrates the Feast of St. Joseph

StJosephToday CCL joins the Church in celebrating the life of St. Joseph. It is only fitting that our volunteers chose St. Joseph to be among our patron saints. He is the model for husbands, fathers, and all men, having lived a life of humility and authentic masculinity.

In contrast to Jesus, who is perfect by nature, and Mary, who is perfect by grace, St. Joseph was an ordinary man. Yet, God chose St. Joseph for the extraordinary task of protecting and providing for the Mother of God and the Son of God. This was an uncertain and even dangerous mission at times. We admire St. Joseph because in spite of any fear, confusion, or struggle he placed his complete trust in God.

Like Mary, St. Joseph continually gave his yes to God. What is exceptional is that unlike Mary, St. Joseph never saw an angel with his own two eyes. He was never overshadowed by the Most High. He was given dreams, yes—but dreams are easily dismissed. Instead, St. Joseph did not ignore the call of the Lord. He didn’t need to be reminded or nudged. He acted.

St. Joseph exercised his strength in the service of God by doing His will, and for his family through his presence and hard work. This same strength afforded a chastity that did not limit his ability to love; rather it fueled his ability to love Mary rightly and be a good father to Jesus.

Today we thank St. Joseph for his prayers and intercession for CCL. With his guidance may we continue to use our gifts in service of marriage and the family. St. Joseph, pray for us!

Prayers to St. Joseph

– Sarah Drew, CCL