Family Foundations: Responsible Parenthood

Family Foundations, July/August 2012

It is often the hardest part of practicing NFP: discerning whether you have a sufficiently serious need to postpone the next pregnancy while balancing that against the call to be generous in the service of life. In our latest issue, we look at responsible parenthood from several angles:

      • What does the Church say: grave vs. serious
      • Why doesn’t the Church just make a list?
      • When spouses differ
      • Balancing generosity & prudence
      • Welcoming the unexpected
      • ‘The end’ with NFP

Also included:

  • Witness Talk: The freedom of NFP
  • Religious Vocations: How the NFP lifestyle opens the door
  • Fact Check: Cohabitation; breastfeeding & intimacy
  • Chart Review: Is your medication affecting your fertility signs?

Award-winning publication

Family Foundations was recently again honored for excellence in 2011 by the Catholic Press Association. We received three awards for writing, two for the work of Kathleen M. Basi (also a CCL teacher!), and one for writer Matt Doffing. You can read their winning pieces here.

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