Good Kids, Bad Choices

From the May/June 2012 issue of Family Foundations:

How to respond to adult children in troubling situations

by Marian Friedrichs

Brianna King Daily attended her first CCL convention in 1998, when she was 9-years-old. “My family drove all the way from [Hixson, Tenn.] to Colorado,” she recalled. “My dad was very moved by Father Frank Pavone and all the strong, pro-family Catholics he met and ended up converting to Catholicism the next year. My parents eventually became a promoter couple with CCL and were quite active for several years.”

Brianna’s mother, Frances King, homeschooled Brianna and her younger sister. They prayed the Rosary regularly.

“I really wanted to pass the faith to my kids,” Frances said.

And she did, according to Brianna. “Because I was learning about my Catholic faith from a young age, I realized how natural family planning fit into the bigger picture,” Brianna said. “I learned why the Church approved of it for family planning purposes and why they do not approve of artificial forms of family planning. As I got older, I wanted to read writings of the popes and saints.”

In her teen years, Brianna received a chastity ring from her father, Kenneth, and she promised him she would remain celibate until marriage.

Still, Brianna went through some difficult spiritual times once she went away to college.

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