Good kids, bad choices

Good Kids, Bad Choices

Did your grown child move in with a significant other? Or get pregnant out of wedlock? Have you ever counseled a daughter against divorce or disagreed with your son’s parenting decisions?

NFP families aren’t immune to these struggles, and we’re shining a light on how you handle the gravest challenges closest to home in an upcoming issue of Family Foundations. We’re considering everything: premarital sex, weddings outside the Church, alcohol abuse, leaving the faith…whatever may have upended your family.

If you’re willing to share a parent-child challenge and how you handled it, leaning on your faith and your NFP lifestyle, you could be a great help to other CCL members in the throes of a similar situation. Contact Managing Editor Christina Ries at with the subject line “Good Kids, Bad Choices.” We would love to hear from you even if you aren’t sure you handled things in the best way possible. And if we choose to highlight your story or quote you in the magazine, you can certainly remain anonymous if you wish.

Thank you for helping us keep Family Foundations real.