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Has the next Steve Jobs already been lost?

Last night word spread of the passing of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.  This morning, news programs were full of eulogies.  Indeed, few individuals stand out in our culture today as Steve Jobs, so closely linked to massive shifts in how we run our daily lives.  The litany of game-changing ideas and products he brought to the masses is unlikely to be matched very soon.

I learned today from my local Catholic radio station that Mr. Jobs was adopted. His biological mother was an unwed college student who gave him up for adoption on the condition he be adopted by a college-educated family.  The adoption agency could not find one but did find a loving family who committed to ensure Steve did go to college.  The rest as they say is history.

A thought came to me as I listened to this tidbit of Jobs’ history – with so many unwed mothers deciding abortion is the right choice, and millions more sexually active women using abortifacient contraceptives, has the world already destroyed the next Steve Jobs?  What unimagined creative geniuses will we not know because of abortion?

While the world rightly mourns the passing of Mr. Jobs and we pray for his eternal rest, perhaps we also should be giving thanks to his biological mother who said yes to life when a different choice may have seemed far more prudent at the time.

– Michael Manhart