13 New Teaching Couples in LA!


On September 17th and 18th, 13 dedicated couples met at Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church in Encino, California as part of their CCL teacher training program. Among the courses completed were anatomy and physiology, the Sympto-Thermal Method, postpartum and premenopause transitions, witnessing, and much more.

These couples, located throughout the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area, are all anxious to begin teaching for CCL in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles as soon as possible. Critical to the success of this seminar were the efforts of Teaching Couple Pablo and Veronique Gaeta. They personally contacted all the couples, and handled all of the logistics during the weekend. The Los Angeles chapter is meeting in October to begin planning on how to better support the diocese, and most of the couples will complete their training shortly thereafter via teleconference with CCL Central trainer Andy Alderson.

Please keep these couples in your prayers!