Hormonal Contraceptives? There’s a Better Way

We have a  brochure available called Hormonal Contraceptives now available. It’s “new” in that it contains updated and current information, but it’s “old” in that it is actually a re-make of one of our most popular brochures, “The Pill: How Does It Work? Is It Safe?” This new brochure touches on all the various forms of hormonal contraceptives used today, including pills, the Patch, NuvaRing, hormone-embedded intrauterine devices (IUDs), etc.

So many people are unaware of how hormonal contraceptives actually work, and yet they are being used by record numbers of women despite their troubling side effects. This is especially worrisome when they are routinely prescribed for cycle irregularities such as painful or heavy periods, PMS, or even to improve acne.

Natural Family Planning offers a much healthier and safer – yet effective – alternative for spacing your children, and alternative approaches exist for cycle irregularities as well.