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About pregnancy and related terms

Some terminology is important with regard to the definition of pregnancy. Scientists and physicians agree that the biological components of a human person are in place at the moment of conception. While many individuals and organizations long agreed that human life begins at conception, others found ways to “morally justify” the use of hormonal birth control or various reproductive technologies such as in vitro fertilization.

Thus, the medical definition of pregnancy was changed in the 1970s; instead of pregnancy beginning at the moment of conception, it was redefined as beginning once a new life has implanted in the uterus (the beginning of the embryonic stage of development). Because the revised definition of pregnancy encompasses only the time between implantation and the birth of a child, many individuals and organizations can now justify various immoral behaviors up to the point of implantation. Regrettably there are several organizations in the United States today that call themselves “pro-life,” but avoid discussing the morality of contraception and procedures like in vitro fertilization by simply accepting this revised definition of pregnancy. CCL remains firm and aligned with the Catholic Church in its commitment to maintain the correct definitions of terms related to the beginning of life and to teach the truth about the human person.

There are some physicians in the United States who do not prescribe contraceptives for birth control purposes or offer assistance in procuring tubal ligations or abortions. These physicians acknowledge that their patients who practice NFP are much healthier and have fewer reproductive system dysfunctions than their former patients who were contracepting and/or engaging in other harmful behaviors. The medical community clearly understands that there are serious medical side effects from the specific use of the injectable or non-injectable hormones. While some claim that the good outweighs the bad, too many healthcare professionals continue to prescribe and/or assist with birth control and abortion with little concern for the consequences.

Pre-marital and extramarital sexual activities are partially responsible for the high percentage of sexually transmitted diseases in the United States. Many women are harming or destroying their reproductive systems under the guise of sexual freedom without really understanding the impact of their behavior, or gaining any knowledge of their fertility. Such knowledge is empowering. Women who can read their bodily signs of fertility and infertility can determine the fertile and infertile times of their cycle with high effectiveness.

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