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Learning NFP through CCL

Main NFP Series

Over 30 years of experience has shown us that the best way to learn NFP from CCL is by attending a Main NFP Series. CCL classes are taught live in person or online by professionally trained volunteers who are committed to the principles of the League and who have witnessed the benefits of NFP in their own lives.

Available in: English and Spanish; Live and Virtual (online)

Home Study Course

CCL offers the CCL Home Study Course for those couples who do not have a local CCL Teaching Couple, or for those whose schedule prevents them from attending a local class series.

Available in: English and Spanish

Postpartum Class

Primarily an optional class as part of the Main NFP Series, the Postpartum Class is designed to provide specific information on how to interpret fertility signs during the transitional period between childbirth and the return of normal fertility cycles.

Available in: English; Live and Virtual (online)

Premenopause Class

Also an optional class as part of the Main NFP Series, the Premenopause Class is designed to help NFP couples navigate during the time the woman’s body is adjusting hormonally to the natural ending of her fertile years.

Available in: English; Live and Virtual (online)

Upgrade Class

The purpose of the Upgrade Class is to teach the new, streamlined CCL method (released January 2007) to couples who are already practicing NFP and learned under CCL’s former method.

Available in: English; Live

Ready to find a class?

English classes can be searched at our online registration site. To view online classes, click the box that says “Include virtual classes in search results.”

Registration for Spanish classes is handled through the Teaching Couple. To locate a Spanish Teaching Couple in your area, visit our TC Search. Or, click here to view the schedule of Spanish virtual (online) classes (page is in Spanish).

To order the Home Study Course in either English or Spanish, visit our online store.

Classes outside the US

Visit our TC Search where you can browse for teaching couples based on countries and/or language.

Other CCL Website

Visit our CCL Chapter Websites to find local websites in the US and abroad.

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