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We’re looking for some very special married couples...for a very special apostolate — couples willing to teach NFP and to witness to its virtuous application as responsible parents. CCL Teaching Couples are well-trained, and provide very professional instruction and consultation in NFP. And while it is possible to learn the method in other ways without a Teacher (Home Study Course, CD, video), as a Teaching Couple you can provide something that just can’t be as effectively replaced with a book, CD or DVD — your own witness, experience, and passion for living out your marriage as God intended. CCL teachers serve in a particular way. Teaching Couples are very knowledgeable of NFP, but are also capable of witnessing to their virtuous use of NFP in a way that shows they are responsible parents.

There’s another advantage to becoming a CCL Teaching Couple — it’s a chance to serve your community and even reinforce your values and faith to an even higher level in your own marriage. Here’s what some of our couples have to say about why they became CCL teachers.

“We knew that this gift that we had been given could not be just for us to learn, but that we needed to share it with others. So through a lot of prayer, and God’s grace we took on studying to be a Teaching Couple. Today we share with people in our church community, neighboring parishes, and for that matter, our whole diocese, the wonderful gift of fertility awareness in a way that’s 100% natural.”
— Alex & Maryanne

“We knew that we wanted to teach NFP, because we found that there is a lack of knowledge about NFP, especially in the Hispanic community. We wanted to share want we learned with others. It’s like a treasure for us; we just wanted to share the wealth with others.”
— Gonzalo & Cecilia

“We saw how much NFP changed our marriage for the better so we decided that we wanted to share it with as many people as we possibly can. So many people are getting divorced, so many people are unhappy in their marriages, and so many people are hurting. We were there; we were hurting and unhappy. God had the grace to save us from the pain and we know that He is calling us to share our story with others.”
— Greg & Tania

“We enjoy teaching natural family planning to engaged couples who are in love and embarking on their new journey together. We would not still be teaching this class if we did not truly believe it holds the key to a successful marriage.”
— Clint & Jillane

“Teaching NFP also allowed us to be active in a Church ministry that we could do together as a couple bringing further unity to our marriage.”
— Dave & Mona

“By teaching others, we are continually reminded to put God in every decision. We are reminded to be open and generous and to love each other by putting each other first.”
— Tom & Cheri

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